These famous giggling quadruplets became a sensation in 2000s, now grown-up high schoolers!

Remember the video of four infants that surfaced in the early 2000s, lying atop of their mother’s bosom and giggling like crazy? The girls are now all grown up at 16 years of age…

When Steve Mathias captured the video of his four little giggling baby girls, he had no idea that the video he was taking would become one of the most popularly shared clips around the world.

The laughing quadruplets

In 2002, the video went on to melt everyone’s heart and won the prize at the “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Later, it was titled the “Funniest Video of All Time” by the same show, earning the family the prize money of US$250,000!

With the advent of YouTube and Facebook, the clip did the rounds all over again and became an internet sensation.

The four cute babies who stole viewers’ hearts are now fully grown 16-year-old girls on the cusp of entering adulthood.

The family appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show, and the four young ladies, named Mary, Emily, Anna, and Grace, were definitely the center of attention.

Though their mother, Allison, raised them equally, dressing them up in the same clothes, the quads, now all grown up, have embraced their individuality. They sport different hairstyles and also have different hobbies.

While two of them are hooked on digital art, the third is passionate about photography, while the fourth is pursuing a future with the orchestra.

When the father, Steve, was asked as to why the video continues to be so popular, affecting almost everyone who watches it, he has a very straightforward answer: “I think it’s just one of those videos you can’t not laugh at … There’s something about the syncopation of them stopping and starting laughing. It’s just the contagious type laugh,” reports Huffington Post.

The video of the giggling infants is something that you can watch on repeat mode and still end up laughing every single time. And for gifting us with such a cherishing moment, Steve definitely has our thanks.

Watch a video here:


Photo credit: Video Screenshot | Huffington Post.