Hospital bills remind mom of stillborn baby girl—then, she ‘felt that she should do something’

Just like any expectant parents, a young couple were over the moon at the news they were expecting a baby. But their joy turned to despair after devastating news from the doctors.

Rebecca and Randy Hauskins had named their yet-to-be-born child as Hayden Ruth. And it was during Rebecca’s 32nd week of pregnancy that the doctors informed the couple that their little baby girl had passed away in the womb. And even though they were devastated, Rebecca still had to go through a 14-hour-long delivery. Losing a baby is every parent’s worst nightmare.

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To add to their misery was the hospital bill totaling to US$1000 that Randy had to pay off. Imagine the grief that brought to them—every time he wrote a check of US$77 a month.

“It was something he had to consciously write a check for every month—no matter if it was a year later,” Rebecca told TODAY. “He still was writing that check and it hurt every time.”

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It was then Rebecca felt that she should do something to help ease the financial burden of the parents who end up with stillborn babies.

“You just feel like there has to be something you can do to help after a loss,” Rebecca said. “It wasn’t until we had gotten our delivery bill that it struck me to take away that expense. After losing a child, there’s nothing anybody can say to you that can make it better—there’s nothing anybody can do to change the situation, but, the financial burden can be changed.”

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The Hauskins, along with some friends and family members, started a non-profit organization, “Hayden’s Helping Hands,” to help other families who had stillborn babies to pay off their hospital bills. The organization pays US$1000 for meeting hospital expenses to such parents.

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Apart from helping the parents financially, the organization also gives them an acknowledgment with the name of the stillborn baby. In this way, the world knows that the unborn infant existed.

One such couple, Brian and Kathleen Paulsen, lost their baby Alexis and received help from Hayden’s Helping Hands.

“Hayden’s Helping Hands tells the world Alexis existed, and it is vastly therapeutic to see her name at their events. It’s fair to say our interaction with this organization was the time and place where our healing process began,” Paulsen told TODAY.

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So far, Rebecca and Randy Hauskins have managed to help about 44 families in Oregon and Washington, and are planning to take Hayden’s Helping Hands nationwide.

They are doing a wonderful job of helping to heal parents and cope with their grief.

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