Kind police officer makes a boy with autism happy by returning his ‘stolen’ pepper plant

How would you console your child when his prized possession gets stolen? Would you hatch a little plan with the police like what one Oregon mom of three did?

Bailee Pultz, of North Bend, Oregon, has a 4-year-old son, who has autism.

Recently, her son put tons of energy into cultivating a pepper sprout in a pot in their Coos County home.

The little boy took pride in growing the pepper plant. He watered it every day and found pleasure in watching the tiny plant make the slightest progress.

Illustration – Maxpixel

So, imagine how sad he was when his pepper plant was stolen one night in May.

Even before going to bed, the boy would tell Pultz and her husband, “Don’t worry mommy and daddy, the cops will catch him and bring my peppers back.”

To console her son, Pultz’s kind neighbor bought another pepper plant.

Pultz could have simply delivered the new plant to her son; however, she came up with a plan to keep his innocence intact.

Pultz called North Bend Police Department to explain the situation.

Guess what! Just 5–10 minutes later, Officer Chris Rule showed up at her door to help deliver her son’s pepper plant.

And the outcome? One happy little boy! The innocent little guy didn’t know it was a brand-new plant.

“He was so happy and kept thanking the officer for growing his plant so big!” Pultz wrote on the department’s Facebook page.

Could you visualize the thrill on the boy’s face upon receiving the special delivery from Officer Rule?

“HUGE thank you to North Bend Police department for being so incredible and making this little boy’s day!” Pultz added.

The neighbor and police were absolutely awesome for bringing a smile to the boy’s face. The world needs more of these caring souls!

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