Military dad photobombs son’s yearbook photo shoot in homecoming surprise

Ask anyone about their experience with yearbook photos and chances are you’ll get a full spectrum of replies. Fond, bitter, indifferent, angry, or happy memories are all equally likely to come to mind of any person you ask.

The qualities of the photos nearly always dictate where the memories fall on the recaller’s emotional spectrum. For a few incredibly lucky, or unlucky, individuals, an unpredictable X-factor can make or break their yearbook photo experience.

That X-factor secretly snuck up behind 8-year-old Joshua, of Durham, North Carolina, as he posed for his third-grade class photo. Joshua presents his good side for the photographer, poses, and then reviews the shot.

But there’s something off about the background of the photo, and it looks like someone is standing behind Joshua, photobombing his class picture. The cameraman feigns ignorance and asks little Joshua what is standing behind him.

Joshua answers with a chuckle and a grin, “My dad.”

“Your dad? How is he in the picture. Your dad’s not in the picture. See, right there, that’s just,” the photographer’s voice trails off as he takes a step back and points behind Joshua. When the third-grader whips around, he’s overcome with surprise.

Illustration – Pexels | Juan Pablo Arenas

Looming behind him is Corporal James Bass, who is reduced to giggles as his little boy shouts “daddy,” before running into his arms. According to WTD-TV, Bass just returned from Kuwait, and he wanted to surprise his little boy in Pearsontown Magnet Elementary’s gymnasium.

And surprise Joshua he did, “You still got it,” James’s boy confesses during their loving embrace.

Another happy family reunited once more, and their first moment back together couldn’t have been sweeter. Welcome home, corporal.

Watch the heartwarming reunion below:


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