Mom asks netizens to blow horns for special needs son’s birthday. The response she got ‘blew her away’

This lady wanted her disabled son to have a very special 21st birthday and give him the best gift possible. She posted a request to friends and family, asking them to drive by to wave out to her son, as he loves parades. Little did she expect that her attempt to create a mini-parade would turn into a full-blown extravaganza.

Credit: Facebook | Kim Davis-Robinette

Kim Davis-Robinette’s 21-year-old son, Matthew, was born with a chromosome deficiency. This resulted in cerebral palsy and autism. Feeling that he needed to experience something unique for his upcoming birthday, Kim took to Facebook and asked her friends for help.

Credit: Facebook | Kim Davis-Robinette

“I am requesting as many friends as possible to drive by my house and honk your horn to wish Matthew a Happy 21st Birthday. He loves a kinds of vehicles – trucks, motorcycles, cars, firetrucks, police cars – he loves it all,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

Credit: Facebook | Kim Davis-Robinette

The post soon went viral, amassing more than 1,500 shares. And though she knew that there would be many well-wishers coming on his birthday, Kim had no idea how well the day would actually turn out for Matthew.

When D-day arrived on Aug. 19, 2017, and Matthew was taken outside his home, he was absolutely flabbergasted to see hundreds of people in colorful clothes. All of them had come to wish him on his birthday!

There were cheer squads, firefighters, police officers, dance groups, and a marching band during the parade. Someone also came in a race car completely covered in puzzle pieces.

And for about an hour and a half, Matthew was the star of a celebration that had brought the entire community together.

“It’s just a simple day for a handicapped kid … Wouldn’t have it any other way. We blow it up and make it good,” says Pat Boyer, a participant, reports The Herald Bulletin.

He had brought in over 100 bikers from the “Madison County Biker Died Here” club after seeing Kim’s post.

Matthew was laughing throughout the entire show. Meanwhile, Kim was overwhelmed to see that the members of the community chipped in to make her son’s birthday very special.

“That’s what this is all about—having fun, community, loving one another and being there for each other … He’s teaching people how to dig into their hearts and show that people are really good and they do care,” Kim said, reports CBS 4.

And the community did show their love in the most spectacular way.

Credit: Facebook | Jessica Bilyeu Madison

Photo Credit: Facebook | David Hine.