Plus-size mom hears daughter call her fat—instead of getting upset, she teaches a great lesson

A mom was shocked by what her 4-year-old girl told her brother after the family went to the beach. She did, however, get a chance to educate her little daughter on an important life lesson, which was confirmed most successful two months later.

Mom Alison Kimmey has been struggling with her weight for years.

“Being a plus-size woman, I face fat phobia all the time,” she told Inside Edition. “I could have just shamed them, but instead I decided to explain that we all have fat but we are not defined by it.”

The 30-year-old mom, who’s a motivational speaker, and blogger about positive body image, said she wasn’t prepared to hear what her daughter told her son, after they came back from Cocoa Beach, Florida, near their home.

“I heard my daughter say to my son that ‘mama is fat,’” she said. “I needed a moment. I really did.”

She posted a photo of her and her daughter, Campbell, in bathing suits, and wrote, “My daughter called me fat today.”

The post quickly went viral.

“It feels good when you finally have the confidence in your body and to feel comfortable,” she said.

She continued teaching her daughter positive thoughts about weight and physical appearance. Mom posted their conversation on Instagram, and also shared how little Campbell reacted to her peer who called her fat two months later.

Kimmey shared how her little girl handled the bully perfectly in the post:

“Campbell: ‘Mama I need to tell you something.’

“Me: ‘Okay baby, what’s up?’

“C: ‘Yesterday at practice my shirt came up a little bit and my tummy was showing. The girl next to me looked at me and said that my tummy was fat.’”

“‘Oh no, here we go’ I thought to myself,” said Kimmey. But, she chose to hear her daughter out.

“I said: ‘Oh really? And what did you say to her?’

“C: ‘I told her that I’m not fat, I HAVE fat. And that everybody has fat. And I told her it’s okay to have fat.’”

“And to anyone that will undoubtedly say that this is ‘promoting obesity,’ please understand that preventing childhood bullying before it can even start is not a matter of weight, but of character,” the mom explained.

Kimmey was proud of her daughter’s bravery and wisdom, feeling “a parenting win.”

“I couldn’t believe that my five-year-old daughter had been able to handle a situation with more grace than most 30-year-olds,” she wrote.

“I certainly felt that tug on my heartstrings that my daughter would have to face what I and many others faced growing up.

“But as she continued telling me what had happened… I was overjoyed with her ability to share a message with kids her own age, just as I hope to do for women and girls.”

“Children aren’t born with hate inside them. They learn words from their environments and the things they see/hear,” the mom added. “I can’t prepare my daughter for all of the life’s situations, but I can help her to be a voice of compassion, humility, and love.”

Watch the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition.

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