Pregnant mom goes for ultrasound—her doctors hadn’t seen this in 10 years

Twins may not be all that surprising for obstetricians … being in that line of work, but anything above the number two would probably be on the more uncommon side of the spectrum. In the case of one mom-to-be, a routine ultrasound revealed a phenomenon her doctors hadn’t seen in 10 years—quadruplets.

Shalee and Andy McCarter, of Overton, Nebraska, are already parents to a 10-year-old, but the couple had wanted more children and went for fertility treatments.

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According to a press release by Nebraska Medicine, the couple learned they were pregnant and had thought they had triplets. But at week 18, the ultrasound revealed quadruplets.

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“All of a sudden, there was Blakelee!” Shalee said. “It was a big shock to learn that there were four of them.”

“Shalee was really surprised and said, ‘oh wow, four!’ Her husband was speechless and looked pretty stunned,” Ramzy Nakad, MD, a Nebraska Medicine maternal-fetal medicine specialist, said.

At 26 weeks, Shalee was admitted to the hospital after she started feeling her contractions.

“It takes a lot of different people to care for somebody with multiple babies,” Dr. Berg said. “We had nurses, physicians, residents and NICU staff who checked in with her several times each day. Shalee continued to have ultrasounds until we got to the point where we were ready for delivery.”

“I had contractions the entire time I was in the hospital, but they never got stronger—which was good,” Shalee said.

Before Shalee gave birth, the staff from the Labor and Delivery Unit threw a baby shower for her.

“We wouldn’t have gotten this far without them,” Shalee said. “They’re an amazing, caring team of people and we got to know them all so well. There wasn’t a day or hour that went by that some nurse or doctor didn’t stop in my room to see if we needed anything.”

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She gave birth to three boys and one girl via C-section on Feb. 23, at 34 weeks.

“My own personal goal was to get to 32 weeks, so to actually get to 34 was awesome.”

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“Everything was flawless,” Ann Anderson-Berry, MD, medical director of the NICU at Nebraska Medicine, said of the delivery. “We worked together as a team and the four babies had wonderful outcomes. They’re growing and thriving—you couldn’t ask for a cuter set of three brothers and their sister. This family was a pleasure to take care of.”

The quadruplets, Jack, Emmett, Beau, and Blakelee, were discharged between March 19 to 22 after doctors made sure that they were healthy.

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“We’re so excited to have everyone at home and just be a family. Elle is especially thrilled to have a baby sister—she already says Blakelee is her best friend,” Shalee said. “The whole experience went by so fast, and the babies are already growing so fast. We’re blessed that everyone is happy and healthy.”

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