Sick son leaves school early. On way home, he asks mom to pull over—what follows choked her up

After picking up her sick son from school, a mom was headed home with her son when they saw a homeless woman on the street. Despite feeling uncomfortable, the teenager’s heart was in the right place and wanted to do something special for this homeless woman—and luckily, the mom snapped a photo for us all to savor this wonderful moment.

Sabrina Laffan, of West Sacramento, in California, wasn’t expecting anything to happen on her way home after having picked up her son, Connor, from school one day in September 2017 as he was feeling unwell. But the ride home took a meaningful turn when they saw a homeless woman pushing her cart along the street after they left a car wash.

“Ma, did you see that?” Connor asked. “She’s wearing baseball cleats as shoes. I just wish I made enough money to be able to buy a pair of comfortable shoes for everyone. I see that doesn’t have shoes. She literally walks all over every day and that’s what she’s walking in. Baseball cleats.”

They decided to get a pair of shoes for the woman at Ross Store. Connor took a long time before settling on two pairs of shoes, “athletic shoes and also boots for the winter, along with a six pack of socks all for this woman he had never met.”

Illustration – Flickr | Carol VanHook

Laffan drove back to where they last saw the woman. Connor got out of the car and approached her with the gifts.

“I had no intention of taking a picture, but I was holding my phone as I saw her reach up to hug him. It choked me up and I couldn’t miss that moment,” Laffan wrote on her Facebook page.

“I opened the camera as quickly as I could and captured it. It brought tears to my eyes as he then helped her take off the tags and put them on.”

When Connor got back into the car, he told his mom that it just so happened to be the woman’s birthday that very day, and she was so happy to receive the gifts.

“This kid goes to school, plays football and works six hours per week,” Laffan wrote of her son. “He took basically one week of his pay and unknowingly made this beautiful lady’s birthday special—all because he cared.”

Laffan hoped that her Facebook post would remind everyone of what’s important in life.

“A reminder to be supportive, inclusive and loving. A reminder that life is precious and love is what’s most important,” she wrote.

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