When single mom loses her job, her son shows her long-overdue appreciation with an adventure

It’s not always easy for children to appreciate what their parents do for them—especially when they aren’t getting everything they asked for.

That was the case for son Sian Pierre Regis, who resented his mother during adolescence for not having enough money. At the time, he explained much later, he didn’t realize just how much his mother had been sacrificing for him as a single working parent.

In adulthood, though, he started to become more aware of everything that mother Rebecca had done for him. So when she called him one day and left a simple voicemail, explaining that she’d been fired from her job at age 75, he knew he had to do something to show her how much he loved her.

It started with an idea, and grew from there.

Regis explained that his mother, who had been a housekeeper for a hotel in Boston, had loved her job. Worried that she wouldn’t have anything left to live for, he started to help her check items off of her bucket list one by one.

The pair milked a cow together in Vermont and took hip hop lessons from a cast member of the famed musical Hamilton, even ticking off little items like learning to use Instagram and big ones like throwing a penny off of London Bridge—all the way in England!

The gesture may seem extreme to some, but they show just how much Regis now appreciates everything that his mom did for him growing up. Between juggling single parenthood and keeping food on the table, there were countless things that his mother hadn’t been able to do while he was growing up; now that he had the funds to help her do them, he knew it was what he had to do.

Rebecca may still miss her job even now, but the adventures she’s having with her son have given her a reason to smile again. She’s even admitted that she’s excited for the next chapter in her life; after the devastation of losing her job, that’s a sign of a child’s job well done!