Mom’s gone for checkup when stranger hands boy envelope—but what’s inside leaves her astounded

This woman was having a very bad day—just about everything was not going right. Just when she found herself in a desperate situation, an “earthly angel” appeared and unexpectedly turned her day around.

Melissa Simms from Alabama was exhausted after a stressful day. She had a doctor’s appointment to follow up on a series of major surgeries, which she had undergone in the past two years.

©Facebook | Melissa Simms

Apart from that, her 7th-grade son, Trey, was home sick from school. Trey had come along with Simms to her appointment. Just when Simms looked into her purse, she realized that she only had a $10 note. The money would not be enough for the doctor’s bill.

“Me and my husband woke up and split our last ten dollars for gas, for him to go to work and for me to make it to my doctor’s appointment,” Simms told WBRC.

Simms panicked, but proceeded to her followup appointment, leaving Trey in the waiting room listening to music.


While Trey was waiting for his mother, a mystery woman approached him. The woman handed the boy an envelope and walked away. After Simms returned from her consultation, Trey passed her the envelope. Simms opened it up, and in it was a $100 bill and a handwritten note, which read: “I’ve had days like you’re having today. Hang in there.”

Simms was astounded. The woman’s kind gesture instantly moved her to tears.

“It is a complete feeling of peace, just like everything is going to be OK,” said Simms.

©Facebook | Melissa Simms

The donation given by this anonymous woman made Simms’s day. The mother of five used the money to make her payment, buy supper, and a few extra things her family needed.

“All day, I was stressed about how I’m going to make supper for my kids,” a teary Simms told FOX News. “After I received that generous offer, finally I was able to… [give] my kids’ supper. Thank you so much.”

“I don’t know what she looks like, I don’t know her name, but I hope I get to meet her to say thank you,” she added.

Simms shared her story on Facebook in the hope of finding this “earthly angel.” She wrote: “THANK YOU and I will pay it forward!”

“She planted a good seed and will reap 100 fold!” one Facebook user wrote.