Little girls covers dad in vomit at the store. When one employee holds her, ‘you are an angel!

This dad had to take a day off from work to care for his sick 19-month-old daughter. When he decided to bring her along with him to the store to get a few things she needed, it turned out to be nothing less than a nightmare.

Maxwell Auger, of Detroit, came home early to take care of his daughter Chelsea, who was having stomach sickness, as his wife, Angela, a registered nurse, could not take time off at work. He sent the babysitter home after he got in. And then things went downhill from there.

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Maxwell called the pediatrician for some medical advice, and he made a list of things his girl would need to stay hydrated. He would have to make a trip to a store and decided to take Chelsea along, as she seemed well enough at the time. So, they took a ride to the local Meijers in Brighton, near where they lived.

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“My daughter was doing great, she was being such a good girl, she wasn’t whining, screaming, or crying, just being a 19 month old lol. She was doing so good,” the dad wrote on a Facebook post.

©Facebook | Max T. Auger

Things started out okay, and all seemed well—at first—until everything suddenly turned into a nightmare.

While they were walking down the aisles, Chelsea suddenly didn’t feel so well. The father picked her up. “My daughter looked up at me, her eyes started to water,” he said. Then, “She pukes ALL OVER ME and all over the aisle and the coat she was wearing.”

Covered in vomit, while still holding a crying sick baby, the stressed-out father still had to push the cart full of goods (now also covered in vomit) to the front of the store.

Then, all the other shoppers seemed to think it was a spectacle, as they formed a circle around them and stood staring—no one offered them a hand.

And then, in front of everyone, poor baby threw up again.

It was almost too much to bear for this dad. Tears welled up, and then the anxious father spotted an employee.

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“I said to her, with my voice trembling and tears welling up in my eyes, feeling helpless, ‘Ma’am can you please help me ring this stuff out? I have to get her home.’ Without a hesitation she said, ‘Yes sir, absolutely,’ and put her arms out to hold my kid covered in puke, so I can take my puke-covered coat off and Chelsea’s,” Auger wrote.

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Then the clerk, Chris K, led him to a separate till to help him get out of the store (and the terrible nightmare) faster.

“Chris K you ARE AN ANGEL!” the father expressed his wholehearted appreciation to the kind clerk. “You were an angel to me and my daughter that day and I will NEVER forget what a complete blessing you were!”

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