Tender moments between parents and newborns perfectly captured on film. They’re so precious

This video is cuteness overload when watching the interactions these parents have with their newborns. There is so much love and precious moments to be cherished.

The arrival of a newborn into a family is a treasured moment, especially for first time parents. One can’t help but huddle and fuss over the infant, and there’s a desire to film every minute with the baby. It’s all understandable. For who can resist the innocence and adorableness of an infant?

You never know what a baby will do or how they will react to situations. As they are learning about the world, they may just surprise you, just like this baby.

The little bubba didn’t look very happy, so Mom asked him not to make that face. What does he do?

He immediately gives her a big smile!

In another clip, this baby boy is about to fall asleep. As he is closing his eyes, Dad can’t help but chuckle.

This causes the baby to wake up and laugh out loud along with Dad. However, the desire to sleep is strong, and the baby’s eyelids begin to close again.

Many more delightful clips are in the video, so check it out.

Video Credit: AFV.

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