This newborn from Karnataka weighs as much as a 6 month old baby! Heaviest baby of India!

This cute munchkin from Karnataka is the heaviest newborn in India and probably the world! With a weight of 6.8 kg, she weighs almost as much as a 6-month-old. 

Credit: Twitter.

Back in 2016, in a government hospital in Hassan, Karnataka, this newborn shocked the doctors with her weight. “In my 25 years of experience, I have never seen such a big baby. She is a miracle. I believe she is not only the heaviest baby born in India but the heaviest baby girl ever born in the world,” said Dr Venkatesh Raju, the local health officer, to India today.

Credit: Twitter.

Her mother Nandini’s diabetes was a matter of concern, however, the baby turned out completely healthy. “The surgery took place for nearly half-an-hour and it was free of any risk. She is really big and beautiful,” said Dr Poornima Manu who delivered the baby.