VIDEO: How this GRUMPY toddler calms down upon seeing her baby sister will make your day!

Nothing pacifies this sulky 3-year-old toddler, other than her adorable baby sister. This heartwarming moment between a toddler and a newborn baby will melt your heart!

Mother Esther Anderson from Florida, had a tiring night, caring for the newborn baby, Tessa, and didn’t expect her 3-year-old daughter, Ellia to wake up crying.

“This is gonna be a long day. It was already a long night,” she sighed, while documenting her onerous duties of motherhood to share with her husband.

Youtube Screenshot | Story of This Life
Youtube Screenshot | Story of This Life

To her surprise, unlike some toddlers, who would get jealous with the addition of a new sibling, Ellia’s grumpiness was soothed and calmed by her cute baby sister, Tessa. She hugged her tightly, and caressed Tessa lovingly. She revealed a beautiful smile, while saying “I love her so much” a few times.

Tessa apparently looked happy and satisfied. She gazed at her sister intently as she hugged her.

Youtube Screenshot | Story of This Life
Youtube Screenshot | Story of This Life

The demanding chore of babysitting turned out to be fruitful and rewarding, upon seeing this priceless moment between these two loving innocent babies.

“I got to witness one of those sweet moments that makes every frustration of parenting completely worth it,” Esther wrote in an email to ABC.

“Ellia really does love her baby sister SO MUCH and still asks for her sister as soon as she wakes up most days. And it’s adorable,” she added.

Credit: Facebook | Esther Anderson

Their heartwarming video went viral, with over 2 million views on YouTube! Many netizens were touched by Ellia and Tessa’s adorable display of sisterly love.

“Super adorable. Give ’em a couple of years and the ‘I love her so much’ will turn into ‘She always takes my stuff’ or ‘She always breaks my Lego’ and lots of screaming, kicking, pulling each other’s ears … but in the end, they’ll still cuddle. At least our kids do,” wrote netizen Markus Wolff.

Certainly, it’s a nice thing to have sisters in a family. Sisters are our soul mates and dearest friends. “Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister,” American novelist, Alice Walker famously said.

Credit: Facebook | Esther Anderson

Watch the beautiful video below!