Young father tears up serenading to deaf son. ‘I can’t, I’m crying’

A young father’s impromptu serenade to his hearing-impaired son is making the rounds online. The highlight is the man’s caring heart, which is ever evident in this likewise impromptu video filmed in a dimly lit room, which shines through the brightest.

Zach Oxendine, 25, holds his son, Judah, in their North Carolina home, as he belts out his rendition of “Boy,” by Lee Brice.

Singing the lyrics to the country ballad with great vocals, he suddenly stops, and says, “I can’t…”

“Sing, it’s okay!” he’s encouraged.

“I can’t, I’m crying,” Zach responds. “Are you going to have it on Facebook?”

“Nooo…” is the response he gets, giving him the confidence to keep going.

Perhaps they had a little talk about uploading this heartfelt clip to YouTube, because now Dad is a hit online.

Looks like young Judah’s face is glistening wet too. Even though he can’t hear, he can sure feel his father’s loving heart.

“Turn it off, man,” Dad says, when his emotions well up too much.

Don’t miss this touching scene. Real men cry.

Video Credit: Facebook | Storytrender.

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