2 abandoned dogs in LA get mentally and physically healed after double rescue

A trip through South Central Los Angeles ended with the rescue of two very lucky dogs who had been abandoned. While one looked as though he had been discarded in a park, the other appeared as though she had been used for fighting. Thankfully, they were both saved.

The organization called Hope For Paws has become famous around the world for the online videos they produce, which take the viewer along as they rescue downtrodden stray dogs across LA.

YouTube screen shot | Hope For Paws

It was rescuers Lisa Arturo and partner JoAnn Wiltz who answered the call, this time, about a stray dog that was spotted wandering Magic Johnson Park in Willowbrook, LA, sadly, a well-known dumping ground for unwanted dogs.

They had only just parked when they spotted a dog resting in the shade of a tree, beside a walkway. It had a collar but no tag.

Saving strays and delivering them to a better life is always the goal, but catching dogs that are often fearful and untrusting of humans is the real trick. Fortunately, hunger tends to work in favor of the rescuers when it comes to homeless dogs.

Arturo has been perfecting the art of dog catching for years, and her combination of tasty chicken and a sweet-sounding call had the stray, which they named Dublin, eating out of her hand in no time. The poor pooch was absolutely covered in ticks and fleas.

With a collar already in place, it was a simple matter to clip on their patented “lucky leash,” and it was hardly a strain to convince him to be saved and be lifted into their SUV.

While driving to the vet, though, they got a call of another dog in need. And with Dublin still in their charge, the tireless rescuers were off to the next rescue.

In a filthy alley, they spotted her. A white, bull terrier-type dog was living under a dingy, propped-up mattress against a fence. It was a pitiful sight to see her living is such squalor.

She was too hungry to be afraid when Arturo meekly offered a few bits of chicken. Before they knew it, she was out from under the mattress and close enough to slip a lucky leash around her neck without even a flinch.

“This is no place to live,” Arturo said to Wiltz. They named her China.

At the vet, they bathed both dogs. They realized how emaciated Dublin was and noticed what appeared to be bite marks on China’s neck. Several of her teeth were missing, and she had a torn lip, which led them to think that she might have been used as a fighting dog.

YouTube screen shot | Hope For Paws

Both dogs are lucky, but they’re still waiting for a human savior to take them into their homes. They are now at foster homes in the meantime—China at LA Animal Rescue and Dublin at Wags and Walks—where, at least for now, they have a safe and loving environment.

It’s almost miraculous how rescued dogs change, not only healing physically but also how their loving spirit returns. It’s that spark of love and gratitude that always makes these rescues a pure joy to watch.

YouTube screen shot | Hope For Paws


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