3 near-death pups trapped in tar. Some tender loving care: they lived & are unrecognizable

These three puppies were found stuck in a tar puddle between some scraps of sheet metal and concrete barrels. They were located only by their desperate cries, and rescuers worked tirelessly to free, clean, feed, and hydrate them.

Three terrified puppies that were crying out for help were stuck in a small puddle of tar, and were completely immobilized. Luckily, a team of rescuers came to their aid before the situation turned dire.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

As the puppies were lifted from the slab, you can see one of their mouths was stuck open by the tar, as seen in the image below. It’s impossible to fathom how much pain was inflicted on this tiny, helpless animal.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Each puppy had to be carefully cut out of the sticky puddle. After bringing some of the tar slab back with them to the cleanup facility, rescuers continued cutting off the tar. The puppies were extremely dehydrated and hungry; veterinarians used a syringe to administer drinking water to them.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

After the puppies were pulled out from the tar puddle, it was time to start the cleanup process.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

The tar was loosened with repeated oil massages and a lot of baths. All that massaging and petting made these little guys sleepy.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Over the next three days, they kept receiving oil massages and baths.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

The puppies were completely exhausted from the whole ordeal. Veterinarians were unsure whether they’d survive the trauma they endured.

But in the end, they did survive, and their transformation was night and day. They were hardly recognizable after the tar was removed.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

With a stroke of good luck, rescuers were even able to locate and reunite the puppies with their mother.

This rescue was made possible by Animal Aid, an organization founded in 2002 by Jim, Erika, and Claire Abrams-Myers. According to their website, this Seattle-based family began making trips to India in the early 1990s.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Eventually, they purchased a home in Udaipur, Rajasthan, where they made a life for themselves. However, in their daily commute, the Abrams-Meyer family noticed innumerable amounts of injured street animals.

Wanting to help, they founded and grew Animal Aid from just four volunteers and no equipment to over 50 full-time employees. As of 2015, the team at Animal Aid have treated more than 50,000 animals so far, per a statement on their website.

©Getty Images | Malcolm P Chapman

The street dog population in India grows year after year, and the work that animal rescue organizations do is critically important to their welfare.

Thankfully, the caring team from Animal Aid is what allowed these three adorable puppies to survive a potentially life-threatening experience. Without their services, who knows what would’ve happened to these adorable little pups.

©YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Thank you for all of your extremely difficult and charitable work, Animal Aid!

Watch the incredible rescue and reunion below:

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