A bullied old ram and a wild pig have become a Twitter sensation

When the younger rams in the paddock started picking on an older ram, the farmer decided enough was enough and moved him into a paddock by himself. Not long afterward, he was joined by a lost piglet, and they struck up an unlikely friendship.

It was a year ago that the elderly ram named McDuff was moved away from the herd because he was being pushed around and picked on by the more energetic younger ones.

Shelly, from the delightful village of Arrowtown in New Zealand, told the Press Association, “My brother takes extremely good care of his animals and separated McDuff when he started to be bullied by the younger rams.”

Being alone may be peaceful but it can be lonely too.

One day, a wild piglet wandered into his paddock. They struck up a friendship, and since then, the pig and the ram have become best snuggle buddies.

“They hang out together all day,” Shelly said.

Appropriately named “Pig,” the black piglet has grown pretty huge in a year. McDuff and Pig do everything together, and the adorable pair developed a close bond.

Shelly said, “She was clearly orphaned and found herself a new Dad and meals served daily.”

Pig is pitch black and McDuff’s fleece is snow white. They are a such a striking pair that Shelly took a photo of them sunbathing together on the smallholding where they live.

They are sure popular on Twitter with 60,000 shares and 11,400 people chatting about them.

But fame means nothing to these two. They are more concerned about passing their days peacefully in the Land of the Long White Cloud.


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