Abandoned bobtail tortie cat approaches woman for help—when she sees her belly, she knows why

It’s rare for a stray cat that is usually independent and standoffish to come near to humans, pleading for help. That is unless the cat is carrying a sweet bundle of surprises—just like this tortie cat.

One day, an abandoned tortie cat approached Imgur user “slowkidsplaying” and her co-worker, apparently asking for help.

They didn’t know why a cat would come up to them, until they saw her bulging belly.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

Upon seeing the tortie cat’s belly, they knew she was pregnant.

To give the mama cat a safe shelter, they were sweet enough to take her in.

Then, they discovered something unique about her—she was a calico with a bobtail. “I had never really seen a bobtail until I took in the pregnant one behind my work,” wrote the Imgur user, according to Lovemeow.com.

©Imgur |  Slowkidsplaying

Having no experience in assisting an expectant mama cat through labor, they were a bit apprehensive. They did some research to figure out what to do, and even made her a birthing box.

Soon, that day arrived, and the mama cat was ready to give birth. But, instead of delivering her babies in the birthing box, she chose to do it in a corner.

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At her chosen spot, the mama cat began delivering her babies.

One by one, the pair welcomed the arrival of the tiny kittens. Amazingly, each of the kittens had a different coloring that made them special, just like their mother.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

The first kitten to arrive looked exactly like mom—a calico, but with a long tail.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

Next came the second kitten. This baby was all black!

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

When the third kitten came into the world, the pair caught sight of his bobtail.

“The odd ball, a ginger boy with a Bob tail like his momma.”

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

The fourth baby had beautiful markings—a mixture of tabby with tortie spots.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

The pair thought the mama cat was done at four, but she gave them another surprise.

Two hours later, the mama cat popped out the fifth kitten, the runt of the litter.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

The kittens were all healthy and “mom did a wonderful job (even though she’s only like 8 months old).”

“She’s been letting us pick each one up and pet them and everything.”

“She used to not let anyone within 4 feet of herself and now she’s kneading and purring while I’m petting her and her kittens. It’s great.”

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying
©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying
©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying
©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

The mama cat now has a forever home with the Imgur user who found her, whilst the rest will be adopted out once they’ve grown bigger.

We’re glad to know that this abandoned tortie cat has found a loving home. And certainly, her beautiful babies will find their forever homes too.

©Imgur | Slowkidsplaying

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