Donkey almost loses leg due to abuse, thanks to rescuers he’s now happy and enjoying life

Donkeys are known to be loyal, intelligent, and friendly. How anyone could abuse one of these gentle creatures is beyond belief. The amount of suffering poor Leon has endured is something no animal should be intentionally subjected to—but there is a happy ending for Leon.

Animal Aid in northwest India responded to the plight of a donkey that had collapsed at the front of a building, as per their video report on March 26.

He had a rope so tightly wound around one of his legs that the leg had almost been cut right through. He had obviously been abused, and couldn’t stand up anymore.

The rescue team tried to remove bits of the rope before gently lifting him into their trailer and taking him to a nearby vet.

He was thankfully then given some pain relief, and the vet was then able to clean the wound and bandage the poor donkey’s leg.

Leon needed time to heal his body and spirit.

He has positively responded to the love and care that he’s fortunate to have received.

“This brave boy had endured so much pain,” writes Animal Aid Unlimited, India. “But now Leon could finally be happy with comfort, rest, and love.”

There are thousands of rescue teams around the world helping animals in distress, something that should not have to happen on such a large scale.

Thank goodness for all the caring people out there. No doubt all those animals, like Leon, surely appreciate it.

Watch him in the video as he prances around the yard, relieved to be in the care of those who do value his life.

Leon’s story is below. Warning: Footage may disturb some viewers.

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Animal Aid Unlimited, India


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