Baby monkey gets saved by its mother after being hit by a scooter and almost taken by a dog

A baby monkey was hit by a scooter on the roads of New Delhi. If that wasn’t enough, a stray dog was all set to grab it. But fortunately, the infant’s heroic mother fought ferociously and saved it from becoming a potential meal.

It was a hard day for this little baby monkey in the big city of New Delhi. It was first hit by a scooter while it tried to scamper across the busy road. But that wasn’t the end of its ordeal. Just when its mother took it off the road, a stray dog noticed its vulnerability and perhaps considered it a viable meal.

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The protective mother sensed the danger, and just as the dog approached the poor infant, the mother sprang into action.

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The infant’s mother jumped on the dog. She grabbed him around the body and bit the dog’s neck. Her aggression was obvious, as her maternal instincts came to the fore.

The dog realized that it had no chance against such a powerful and emotionally driven opponent, so it gave up. The infant was rescued, and let’s hope that the little one wasn’t seriously injured.

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Whilst most will understandably sympathize with the baby monkey, the poor stray dog is also obviously suffering out there too. Alas, it’s a tough life for all!