Dog gets to complete bucket list after getting terminal diagnosis

Victoria the German shepherd is believed to have given birth to over 100 puppies during a one-decade span of time.

She was forced to “work” in a puppy mill for the first 10 years of her life before finally getting rescued in October of 2017. Abused and neglected, she’d lost an eye at one point when she was attacked by another dog, and the puppy mill owners severely neglected her medical needs over the years.

Although she’s been given nothing but love since the Pennsylvania-based Finding Shelter Animal Rescue saved her life, though, she’s now facing a new hardship. The 11-year-old dog has been diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy, a progressive spinal condition that will gradually paralyze her completely.

Tell your legislator to vote to ban puppy mills in Pennsylvania

This very good dog is Victoria – a 10 year old German Shepherd rescued by Finding Shelter Animal Rescue. Born and bred at a Lancaster County puppy mill, Victoria is now facing a terminal illness. That's why her rescuers are helping check off some “bucket list” experiences – which is how I got to meet Victoria yesterday. Finding Shelter has also organized the V For Victoria campaign to educate humans about puppy mills and raise funds for Victoria’s care. Thank you to Finding Shelter, Victoria, and her foster mom Grace for bringing attention to this important issue. Tell your legislator to vote to ban puppy mills in Pennsylvania.

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Given anywhere from six months to a year left to live, the sweet-tempered dog is now forced to get around using a special wheelchair.

The couple that founded the Finding Shelter rescue, Grace and Steve Herbert, know that Victoria’s time is limited.

So for as long as they have with her, they’ve made it their mission to help her complete a bucket list of sorts, helping her experience all of the fun things that she missed out on during her decade of abuse.

“Terminally-ill dogs like Victoria are worth saving,” explained Grace Herbert. “They still have life left in them. She is a wonderful dog. She is so loyal and friendly, and she has a lot of love to give.

“If we’re lucky, she’ll last until the end of the year. Everyday is a gift with her. I said to my husband, ‘Imagine all of the things she could have done in the past ten years if she’d have been a dog that was free.’

“She’s stronger and happier than ever before. Its about turning something negative into a positive.”

She’s gotten to do as much as she can with the energy she has left, working as a police K-9, leading a firemen’s parade, and spending time everywhere from the beach to a local radio station.

Combined with the philanthropy work she’s been doing—not only does she raise awareness for the end of puppy mills, but she’s participating in a study at Cornell University to learn more about her condition—it’s clear that Victoria’s last days are going to be filled with fun and love.


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