Dying dog who cried at the slightest touch has miraculously recovered after rescue

Horrifically, this doggie was tied up and left to die alone in the woods—that’s why this poor pooch now deserves to have his paws kissed and sleep with a full belly by the fireplace every night.

It was in March that an elderly couple found Mowgli tied up in the woods. Unable to stand or walk, he was emaciated, frightened, and suffering from open wounds and infected cuts.

The couple who found him took him in for a week. He was given Benedryl for pain, and that was the best they could do for him. Mysti Boehler, who is the founder of the Texas non-profit, StreetsToSheets Animal Rescue, came to hear of the dog and decided to take him to the shelter, The Dodo reported.

The poor creature “cried” during his examination at the vet, as he was in such pain. Mysti named him Mowgli after the boy in “The Jungle Book,” because they had both survived the woods. She described his condition as “mush.” Apparently, it was impossible to touch him—except on one spot, which was on his face—without him yelping pitifully.

“He was just a pup and it was obvious by his condition no one ever cared,” Mysti told The Dodo.

Mysti spoke softly to the poor animal, promising him that she would make him happy.

“As soon as we got him home and laid with him and showed him our touch was out of love and we weren’t going to hurt him, he actually opened up to us very quickly,” Mysti said.

After Mowgli’s story was shared on the StreetsToSheets Facebook page, he developed a following. He even received gifts from his fans and is still loved by many.

“There was just something about him,” said Chilcote, one of Mowgli’s fans.

Chilcote, her husband, and their children live in central Pennsylvania. One day, she couldn’t hold back anymore and blurted it out, “I said to my husband, ‘I can’t let him go anyplace else but here,’” she said. “I bawled to my husband.”

Mysti agreed to the adoption and said, “I could tell in her voice and by the words, she spoke that she loved Mowgli like I could only dream a person could love him.”

And so, Mowgli went to live with his new family…

“He doesn’t act like he’s in any discomfort at all when anyone touches him,” Chilcote says.

Mowgli’s new family adores him. Meanwhile, he has wonderful new siblings and a special new companion, Ramsey. He also has a beautiful human sister, Jovie.

Mowgli’s human mom says she’d rather have Mowgli than jewelry or any other treasure. “Paw prints left on my heart are so much more meaningful than diamonds on my finger,” Chilcote says. “We’re lucky.”

A “Mowgli Day” celebration was held at the local shop in his honor, where fans were able to catch sight of the recovering canine. “Tons of people came to that party just to meet him,” Chilcote says. “He’s doing great.”

It’s everything a pooch could want and more … and what had Boehler promised him. “I wanted him to know what love was,” she said. “That sounds so cliche but it’s true.”

Photo credit: Facebook | Just for Mowgli.