Driver opens suspicious shoebox left on London bus—makes urgent call seeing what’s inside

A suspicious shoebox left on board a London bus was uncovered by the driver, who immediately reported his discovery upon opening it. Little fluffy creatures were concealed inside the dark box, and they were probably scared as anything after such a noisy, bumpy ride.

In July, a bus driver in London spotted a shoebox left on board, but what was inside caught him off guard.

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The driver was surprised to find three tiny tuxedo kittens inside.

Apparently, the trio of kittens had been dumped in the shoebox and abandoned by their owner on the Arriva bus. The driver reported his unusual find to the bus company at once.

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The poor discarded kittens were taken in by the company’s control center in Islington, before staff from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) arrived to collect the kittens.

Siobhan Trinnaman, an animal welfare officer at the RSPCA, came to the kittens’ rescue. The feline babies were then taken to the charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital in Finsbury Park so that they could receive proper care.

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“Thank goodness the driver spotted this unusual box on board the bus and found the kittens inside,” said Trinnaman, according to RSPCA.

“These little bundles of fluff are far too young to be away from their mother and must have been very frightened shut inside a small, dark box and left bouncing around inside a noisy bus,” she added.

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Every year, the RSPCA receives thousands of calls concerning abandoned animals.

“We get more calls about cats than anything else,” Trinnaman said. “We’re particularly busy over the summer months dealing with kittens who have been dumped after owners with adult cats end up with unplanned litters because they haven’t neutered their pets.”

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“Cases like this highlight the need for more education to ensure potential cat owners understand the commitment, responsibility and costs involved in taking on a pet, as well as the importance of neutering cats,” Trinnaman said.

The welfare officer advised owners to contact organizations, such as the RSPCA, Cats Protection, and local vets, to receive help with the costs of neutering.

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Trinnaman stressed leaving these kittens behind is “inexcusable and unbelievable,” because “anything could have happened to them.”

But fortunately, though the three tiny tuxedo kittens, named Arriva, Diesel, and Oyster, are separated from their mother, they have been well taken care of by the vets and nurses at Harmsworth.

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Arriva, Diesel, and Oyster, thought to be 3 weeks old, are hand-fed using syringes around the clock.

The kittens are playful, energetic, and love cuddling up to their caregivers.

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Arriva, Diesel, and Oyster will be up for adoption once they have grown big enough, LoveMeow reported.

Hopefully, each of the kittens will find a loving forever home soon, and never be abandoned again.

Watch these adorable kittens in the video below:

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