Dad devastated after dog goes missing—but when he finally sees him, he bolts across the street

When this family decided to go out of town, they were not expecting their dog, who was left at home, to go missing, and they spent days looking for him. One can hardly imagine how epic their reunion was when he was finally found!

A Las Vegas family learned that their dog Butters had dug a hole under the fence surrounding their home and escaped while they were visiting California. The owner’s sister had noticed that Butters had gone missing when she went to pick him up. The rescue effort that transpired afterward was later shared by the owner, A. Vargas, on the Love What Matters Facebook page.

Apparently, Butters was known to have anxiety when the family was not around, but they did not expect that he would make an escape, most likely in an attempt to go looking for his human family. They had recently moved into a new neighborhood and did not know the neighbors well yet. So, when a neighbor tried to catch Butters, he ran away.

The family returned home the next day and set out to find their missing dog. They drove around town for hours and hours, but there was no sign of him. They put up posters everywhere, contacted the local vets, and checked the pound every day but to no avail.

Then they caught a glimmer of hope when a family received a message from a local lost dog app. A dog that looked like Butters was spotted around the 215 freeway at 3:00 a.m. The man of the house took off immediately and searched the area for Butters, but he was not found. When he returned home, it was Mom’s turn to continue the search.

While driving, she decided to explore a dead-end street, something she usually didn’t do. And when she did, she saw Butters lying down in front of a home! Mom quickly called out to Butters, and upon hearing her voice, he bolted towards her.

After a week and a half of having gone missing, Butters was reunited with his family. But the best part was seeing the reunion between Butters and Dad, which was caught on video (shown below).

As soon as Dad spotted Butters in the car with Mom, he sped across the street like lightning. The door could not be opened fast enough, and when he finally got the door opened, dog and dad embraced in a fit of tongues and tears of joy.

Mom shared the amazing footage on the Facebook group.

“Butters means the world to all of us and we never gave up! We’d still be looking if we had not found him. It was a very emotional reunion!” A. Vargas wrote.

Judging by the reactions to the post, many people share similar sentiments. Here are a few comments from other users:

Watch the emotional reunion between Dad and Butters here:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | Love What Matters.

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