Family rescues severely injured cat—then vet takes X-ray of her skull & makes astonishing find

This family found and rescued a kitten with a brain injury that left her blind in one eye. It was only later when she was brought to the veterinarian did they discover the unbelievable situation of her injury.

Miss Kiss is a tabby cat that was abandoned and left to die from her injuries in Spanish Fork, Utah. Luckily for her, a family was walking along the Spanish Fork River Trail when they found her stuck in a thorny rosebush, and they picked her up and walked 2 miles to their car.

Then they took her to the South Utah Valley Animal Shelter, where they helped to arrange for Miss Kiss to get treatment with a local vet. It was here that the veterinarian revealed the shocking news about her injury after taking an X-ray.

“We could immediately tell she was in distress, we took some X-rays which showed a large steel blow dart through her head,” said Dr. Isaac Bott, veterinarian from Mountain West Animal Hospital.

The 4-inch blow dart had pierced right through Miss Kiss’s brain, just missing the major arteries. She needed an operation, and the doctors were not sure that the 6-month-old kitten would survive the surgery.

“We realized we needed to do some brain surgery—that was probably the most difficult surgery I’ve performed as a veterinarian,” Bott told Caters News Agency. “If the dart through her brain wasn’t enough, there was a second dart embedded into her front shoulder—that dart tip had broken off.”

How awful to be shot not once but twice! How cruel!

Miraculously, Miss Kiss survived the surgery, and afterward, she remained in critical condition and was unable to swallow food. She needed a feeding tube, and fluids were administered intravenously. Miss Kiss started to recover after a few days; however, she lost the sight of her right eye because the dart hit the back of her optic nerve.

Miss Kiss’s fortune has turned around, though, because she found a new owner and a loving home. Kevin, who is also blind in one eye, uses ping pong balls to help Miss Kiss with her “paw-eye” coordination.

“I’ve bought two to three hundred ping pong balls to help her hand-eye coordination,” Kevin shared. “The first week or two she was full speed and ran into everything, she’ll have to learn to adapt and she will.”

Kevin is giving Miss Kiss the attention and love she needs to recover.

“I sleep when she sleeps, I sleep on the floor, when she eats I eat, that’s part of her recovery,” he said. “I sense that she has a strong desire to want to live and to want to be with humans, which amazes me with what she went through.

“She still has a spirit that she looks up to us to be part of her life, she still deals with some legitimate fears but she’s inspiring, she’s just adorable,” Kevin added.

Considering the trauma Miss Kiss went through, the fact she is still able to be near humans is amazing. And it would seem, fortunately, Miss Kiss’s faith in humanity has not been misplaced, as her new owner knows what matters in life—caring for one another—and how to treasure that relationship!

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Caters Clips.

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