Hunter’s heart breaks after seeing something in fence—instead of grabbing gun, he gets a camera

Wild animals posses natural survival instincts and an in-built fear of predators. And we can see that fear in the eyes of a dear trapped on a fence, frantically trying to escape, in a video taken of a hunter at night. Thankfully for this deer, the hunter, as he stepped out of his vehicle, had something else besides hunting in mind!

An unidentified man in hunting ensemble was driving along a fence line one night when he happened to pass by a deer with one of its hind legs stuck on the top of a wire fence, desperately trying to pull free. It would’ve been easy pickings for the hunter, but instead, he tried to free the struggling buck. The hunter soon realized it would not be as easy as it might have seemed.

The man was a bit wary at first as well. “I’m hoping he ain’t gonna beat the crap outta me,” the man said, getting out of the vehicle.

The buck became more frantic as the hunter approached. He waited a few seconds to let the deer calm down and then gently rested his hand on the animal’s back, and it seemed to ease up a bit.

Then, he set to work trying to free the animal, first lifting it in order to take the weight off the snag.

The deer calmed down for a few seconds as the man tried to free its leg from the wire, but it was stuck fast. After a minute, the hunter had to make a second attempt, hoisting the animal onto his shoulder while working on the wire with the other hand.

It took about 2 minutes, but the animal was finally free and seemed quite content to remain in the man’s arms afterward, as he brought the young buck up in front of the camera to catch a better shot of it. And what a beautiful creature it was! However, it didn’t wait for even a second after it was set on the ground before it darted out of sight.

The hunter was clearly thrilled by the successful operation. “Saved him!” he exclaimed before the camera, pumping his fist.

The video was later put on YouTube along with a caption that read:

I was fortunate enough to find this little button buck stuck in a fence with his back leg entangled. Luckily, his leg had not suffered too much damage, and I was able to free him before any more damage could happen.

Indeed, you were fortunate enough, dear hunter, to catch a sight, up close and personal with this breathtaking animal!

And of course, it was quite fortunate as well to have been found by someone with a mind to lend a hand, as opposed to a bullet, and ensure this little hangup ended well for all.

Watch the buck’s whole ordeal in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | ViralHog.

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