Lady distressed after dog ran away—but one call made her so nervous, she quickly jumped in car

This woman was devastated when her beloved pet dog disappeared. More than a year had passed when one day she received a phone call that she never expected.

All pet owners can relate to the sadness, anxiety, and heartbreak felt when a pet is lost. No matter what kind of animal it is, the pet is loved and is part of the family. In many cases, the pet is found. And when the pet is not found, the uncertainty if the pet is alive or not stays with you.

This feeling of uncertainty is probably how Shirley Pierce felt for over a year. She was distraught when her 3-year-old Shih Tzu, Beau, disappeared from her home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Beau managed to get loose from his leash and fenced backyard in August 2016. Shirley surmises that children from the neighborhood must have taken him out to play, but he never returned.

Shirley posted missing dog reports online and contacted the police; however, Beau was still not found.

Fourteen months later, Shirley received a phone call while at work. A woman claimed to have found Beau, and he was with her at Cathedral Hill Montessori School.

“I got so nervous. I immediately jumped up and left work and I thought, oh, I better tell my boss I’m leaving,” Shirley said.

Shirley quickly drove to the school. When she walked inside the building, she saw him—it was Beau!

Shirley instantly picked him up and hugged him tightly. She couldn’t help but cry tears of joy being reunited with her beloved dog.

Lucky for Shirley that Molly Hoyt, a teacher at the school, was a quick thinker. Molly was on her morning walk when Beau ran right in front of her. He was alone on the street and headed towards the I-94.

“I ran across traffic to get it, because I realized it was a dog and so tiny that no one would have seen it,” Molly shared. “I carried this dog for a mile because I didn’t want to set it down.”

Molly brought Beau to school, and the teachers found his ID chip, which allowed them to find Shirley.

“Thank you so much,” Shirley said while embracing Beau tightly. Seeing Shirley reunited with Beau was a heartwarming moment for the teachers.

“It was just a beautiful moment. It was one of those Hallmark moment you see on the internet that is so perfect that makes you wonder if they’re real,” said Molly.

Thanks to Molly, Beau is now back at home safe and sound where he should be.

Watch the moment Shirley is reunited with Beau here:

Photo Credit: Facebook Video Screenshot | WDIV Local 4 / ClickOnDetroit.