Look at this teeny weeny terrier, standing at a mighty 2.75 inches!

This mighty canine tips the scales at 0.55 pounds (250 grams) and stands at a staggering 2.75 inches tall (6.9 cm). She is so large that she can comfortably fit in a coffee mug!

Hailing from Jarocin, Poland, Meysi the little terrier, is perhaps the smallest dog in the world, and is smaller than Guinness World Record holder “Milly” the chihuahua, who is 3.8 inches tall.

At birth she was a mere 0.01 pounds, and was almost mistaken as a piece of placenta! Fortunately, the little pup at the time was spared and rightfully recognized as a living creature.

Youtube Screenshot | Barcroft TV

The tiny terrier’s size has been further emphasized in a video online, showing her standing side-by-side with a can of coke, a high heal shoe and a roll of toilet paper. Footage shoes the bouncy little thing move in quick spurts of energy around the house.

Youtube Screenshot | Barcroft TV

“Meysi is not afraid of strangers and is always ready for play. She plays with lots of energy – lots more than is suitable for such a tiny body. She has a typical terrier’s character and is brave. She is also fleet-footed and fast,” said Meysi’s owner, Anna Pohl.

Youtube Screenshot | Barcroft TV

We’re sure the teeny weeny terrier will bring lots of joy for her family!

Watch the video here: