Majorly stuck horse exerts last-ditch effort together with firemen, who haul her to freedom

Horses are born to run free with the wind, but for this one horse that became trapped and unable to move, running was far from its mind, as survival had become a major issue.

Farmer Marek Słodkowski, from Poland, was within earshot of his garage when he heard a horse cry out.

Upon investigation, he discovered one of his horses, called Freedom, had somehow broken free from the stables, and upon entering the garage, she had fallen through the floorboards into the maintenance pit—she was stuck fast. Freedom was anything but free.

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He quickly began collecting hay bales and packing them in beside her, hoping it would be enough for her to clamber out.

It soon became obvious that this plan of action wasn’t going to work, and he could see the mare was beginning to tire; she may have been stuck there for several hours.

Słodkowski then called the fire department, and before long there were plenty of able-bodied people ready to hoist the poor horse out. Using fire hoses underneath her, they tried using their weight to hoist her up, but this failed also.

Freedom was becoming very weary. Słodkowski encouraged his beloved horse, saying to her, “Everything will be fine.” He even pleaded with her, whispering “Don’t die. Don’t die.”

It was then that Freedom found strength from within, and with a mighty effort, and with the help of a strong team of firefighters, Freedom finally found freedom at last.

Watch the video below to see how determined Freedom was to again run free:


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