Man rescues fawn mysteriously lying on the road while its mother looks on

After spotting something odd in the middle of the street, a man and his friend stop their car and inspect. When they get close, they find an alive baby fawn!

A memory that stands out in the minds of many now adults are the moments they get unexpectedly separated from their parents. Trauma is subjective, and the memories of those brief lonesome, terrifying moments forever remain in the minds of anyone who lost track of Mom or Dad while walking through a crowded mall food court.

Sometimes, the overwhelming panic elicits a “deer-in-the-headlights” type of response, and the afflicted child freezes in a puddle of tears. But what about an actual deer?

Steve Knoop and friends cruised down a road carved through the local woods. It was an ordinary drive until one of them spotted something off about the middle of the road ahead of them.

Illustration – Shutterstock | taka1022

A small brown blob seemingly plopped in the middle of the road prompted a concerned double-take. As Steve and crew drew closer, they could make out the shape of a baby deer, but they were unsure if it was still alive or not. To Steve’s relief, they spotted the rise and fall of a breathing, alive deer.

Why the deer chose to lie down in the middle of the road remains a mystery, but the group knew they had to do something about it.

Illustration – Shutterstock | Janthiwa Sutthiboriban

Steve stepped out onto the road and cautiously approached the deer. He could see its mother carefully observing from the treeline nearby.

After a momentary pause, Steve decided the best course of action was to move the deer off the road and hope it returns to its mother.

Miraculously, the fawn didn’t flinch as Steve bent over to pick it up. With a commendable swiftness, Steve scooped the fawn up and rushed off the road.

The moment the fawn’s feet met the grass, it bolted over to their anxious observer, its mother.

These two men were in the right place at the right time, and their actions saved a life. Good job, Steve!

Watch Steve’s rescue here:

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