Men hear noises coming from ‘strange sack’ floating in river. After opening it they call the police

Two kayakers were moving down the Blackstone River, in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, when they heard peculiar whimpering sounds coming from an old potato sack, which was gradually sinking into the river. After hearing the sounds, the quick-thinking kayakers reached out for the bag, and opened it.

To their astonishment, inside the sack were six newborn puppies. They were so young that their eyes hadn’t fully opened yet.


(Photo credit: Uxbridge Police)

Someone apparently dumped the labrador-mix puppies in the grain bag, tied it, and tossed them away like unwanted trash. They were left to die; fortunately, the kayakers chanced upon the bag, and rescued the puppies. Later, they contacted the Uxbridge Police Department.

“The guardian angels for these six little puppies was watching over them, and two kayakers came across and rescued them,” Uxbridge Police Chief Jeffrey Lourie told CBS Boston.

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The litter, consisting of three male and three female puppies, was safe, although the smallest puppy required extra attention.

“The little guy, he was on the bottom of the bag when found,” Regional Animal Control Officer Kevin Sullivan told Boston 25 News. “He actually had quite a bit of water in his lungs. Up until this morning, he was still pushing mud out of his nose.”

Police are searching for the culprit, believed to be a man on a mountain bike, seen in the area of River Road between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. on Sept. 24, 2017.

Officials said that whoever committed this heinous crime will be prosecuted to a seven-year prison sentence or a $5000 fine under Massachusetts state law, or both.

“It unconscionable, you can’t imagine what’s going through my head as a police officer for 29 years, someone would do that, someone would take six fairly newborn puppies and discard them in a body of water,” the police chief told CBS Boston.

Though these six tiny lab-mix puppies were only one week old, they’re already survivors. Currently, they are all healthy and are being cared for by Uxbridge Animal Control. They will be ready for adoption in a few months’ time.

“They are all doing well, considering the circumstances, and we believe they will all survive,” said the police statement. “The puppies are currently being kept together, and are being cared for by a professional until they are able to be adopted.”

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | CBS Boston.