Momma cat gets a new addition to her litter—doesn’t mind that it’s not from the same species

This puppy became an orphan when his mom was hit and killed by a car. He needed a foster mother, and surprisingly enough, they found him a cat mom that had just given birth to a litter of kittens. Despite popular opinion of cat-dog rivalry, he integrated himself in the litter very well!

“Bobby,” a little Chihuahua, didn’t have an easy start to life. When he was just a few days old, his mom died upon being hit by a car. He needed a foster mom to nurse him, but finding one wasn’t an easy task.

Finally, little Bobby was given to the Michigan Humane Society (MHS), where the staff needed to find a way to help the young Chihuahua. Fortunately, they got creative and found a perfect solution!

Bobby was given to a cat that recently had kittens, and the idea was that he’d integrate himself into the feline litter.

“They thought—ingenious idea—to maybe see if this puppy could go along with these guys and see if mommy cat could treat him like one of her own,” one MHS staff member said. “And it actually worked! It was a very successful tryout,” said another staff member.

Bobby’s surrogate mom, “Gwen,” accepted Bobby as one of her own.

“It’s a misconception that cats and dogs can’t get along, and as we see at the Michigan Humane Society, they can often become loving family members. Mother cat Gwen’s acceptance of Bobby as an addition to her litter of kittens is a wonderful example of that!” said Ryan McTigue from MHS.

Later, the slightly unconventional family was taken to a foster home, where they could grow up and socialize together.

“They’re doing really well. The foster mom stays in contact with us and we’re getting updates. Plus, they come here to get checked by the veterinarian,” McTigue told TODAY.

But there will come a time for Bobby to say goodbye to his cat brothers and sisters and understand his true nature.

“We’re going to have to get him into a home with some dogs. So he can learn how to be … you know … a dog,” said McTigue.

“He’s a great dog,” he added. “And we think he’ll make a good ambassador for both breeds.”

Want to see cuteness on a whole new level? Check out the video below:

Photos credit: YouTube Screenshot | ABC News.

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