Naughty dogs hop onto mail carrier’s truck to steal her lunch, then ‘apologize’ in a cute note

Bull and Bear are two mischievous mastiff-Labrador dogs that have a history of landing themselves in trouble. Here’s one naughty incident that has the internet laughing.

One day, Carol Jordan, from Smithfield, Virginia, returned home to find a note, left by a mail carrier on her front porch.

“Hey, I drove up to deliver a package and both of the dogs crawled in my truck. They got into my lunch and ate an egg and some carrots and some pumpkin seeds,” the note read. “I don’t know if that will upset their tummies! Just FYI!”

Apparently, Bull and Bear had hopped into the mail carrier’s truck and made themselves at home by eating her lunch!

This wasn’t the first time the partners in crime had jumped into a courier vehicle.

“Our FedEx delivery man told us that he came up to deliver and he left his door open. The boys jumped in and one sat ready to drive and the other ready to be a passenger in the front seat,” Jordan told The Dodo.

Jordan was deeply apologetic for her dogs’ naughty antics. To apologize, she gave the mail carrier a Subway gift card and wrote an apology note on behalf of Bull and Bear.

“Sorry we ate your lunch,” Jordan’s note read. “Thank you for sharing!”

“P.S. Our humans said thank you for leaving a note. We didn’t like the note. We got in trouble,” the note continued.

©Facebook Screenshot | Carol Jordan

Jordan shared this embarrassing yet funny incident on Facebook, and it has left netizens in stitches!

“Lol I’m dying!” one Facebook user wrote.

Source: The Dodo.

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