Nobody wanted to adopt this depressed dog. But 2 years later, a familiar scent perks her right up

After a stray dog was dropped off at a refuge, she had spent two long years there. The lonely and unhappy dog was unable to find a forever home, until one day, a woman saw her photo on the internet. When she arrived at the refuge, everyone realized why she was so depressed.

Pakita had stayed at Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge for two years after a person saw her roaming on the street and sent her to the refuge. Volunteer Silvia Ferreyra and her co-workers had been trying to find a loving home for her, but she kept getting passed up for younger, happier dogs.

“People prefer puppies,” Ferreyra told The Dodo. “So, for two years, she stayed with us.”

Still, they shared her pictures on their social media account to attract people who would be interested in her. But it was very difficult to take a picture of her, especially a happy one, since she was always sad and depressed. When taking pictures, she kept turning her head away. Finally, the refuge managed to take some alright pictures of her and shared them on social media.

Pakita seemed to be waiting for someone. But no one knew who and why until one day, a person showed up.

When the mother of Pakita’s owner, Ariel Naveira, saw the photo of Pakita on Facebook, she told both her son and the refuge at once. She thought Pakita was the dog that her son had lost and been searching for for a long time ever since the dog escaped in 2014, but they had no idea that she had been rescued off the street.

Fortunately, Naveira was able to go to Arca the very next day to see if the dog in the photo was really his Pakita.

The heartbroken dog was skeptical at first. It had been so long; she was not certain that the man standing before her was really her owner. Yet, when Naveira’s son reached out his hand, she took a sniff and realized that he was the real deal.

©Facebook | Silvia Ferreyra

Her tail started wagging joyfully—she suddenly began jumping for joy and gave her beloved owner kiss after kiss. She rolled over for belly rubs a few times, but was too excited to stay still for long. It was such a heart-melting moment.

©Facebook | Silvia Ferreyra

After two long years, Pakita was finally reunited with her family. It’s been over a year since that fateful encounter, and Naveira and Pakita have remained happy ever since.

“It was beautiful,” Naveira said. “I was sad to lose her, but to get her back was spectacular. There are no words to describe it.”

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