Near-death ‘micro’ kitten weighed 1.3 oz. 19 days later, ‘blepped’ her way to everyone’s heart

When this “micro” kitten was brought in to the vet, her odds of surviving were not good. Weighing only 1.3 ounces (approx. 37 grams), she needed special care. But her spirit was strong, and she survived with the support of her human. Seeing her pictures now, it’s hard to believe it’s the same cat!

Ellen Carozza is a vet who has taken care of micro kittens before. So, when two micro kittens, both born half the size of a normal kitten, were brought in, she knew what to do and what special care the animals needed.

“Due to their size and fragility, I was asked to take the two on since all of my neonate work is with the highly complicated cases, I also have an incubator as well,” Carozza told Love Meow.

The two micro kittens were rejected by their mother. The male passed away in his sleep after two days, while the female micro kitten kept going strong despite her petite size; her name was Winifred.

Due to Winifred’s size, Carozza had to use a tube to feed her, Love Meow reported. And Carozza noticed something else about Winifred: She was a master blep!

A “blep,” of course (for those of us who are not all up on trending, urban lingo), is when a cat sticks out its tongue!

Perhaps due to her size, Winifred’s blep is absolutely adorable. After every feeding, Winifred would stick her tongue out slightly. It’s hard not to fall in love with her, especially when she’s “blepping.”

After two weeks of nurturing and feeding, Winifred was finally the same size as a normal newborn kitten and could be fed using a regular bottle. At 19 days, Winifred’s weight was the equivalent of a 1-week-old kitten.

“She is starting to interact more, be affectionate, purrs, and can see and hear fully now!” Carozza shared.

Winifred knows what to do if she wants attention from her humans.

“She is a pro at sticking her tongue out! She did this since being a small baby and we laugh each time she still does it!” said Carozza.

Every milestone Winifred hit was celebrated and appreciated. “We take everyday as a blessing,” Carozza said.

Winifred proved that she has a strong will and spirit to live. She grew to be a healthy and normal-sized cat. What she looks like now is a far cry from the frail kitten she once was.

Animals, just like humans, thrive in a positive and loving home. Just look at Winifred.