Woman’s pet cat starts behaving oddly around her. When she learns why, she’s amazed

This woman’s cat was never playful or affectionate with her, yet suddenly, one day, he starts to change and wants to be near her all the time. When she later finds out why, the answer takes her by surprise.

Lisa Kitchen and her husband adopted their cat, Max, when he was a kitten. Ever since Max was young, he bonded with Lisa’s husband and spent time with him more than her. He always wanted to play with her husband, cuddle with him, and sleep near him but never with her.

“When we first initially got Max he instantly was attached to my husband,” Lisa told The Dodo. “He would curl up on his chest and fall asleep. He would meow for him to pick him up. Me, not so much.”

Then one day, Lisa was surprised by Max’s behavior. She came home to find him let out the biggest “meow” at her. He never did that before. The following few days, he started to meow at her some more.

Max’s newfound attention to her didn’t stop there. When she was in bed, he was now willing to get into bed and cuddle with her.

“I started waking up with him sleeping on my legs,” Lisa said. “The next night he would curl between my legs, which is a huge deal because he would never come that close. Finally he is sleeping on my stomach now. If I’m sleeping on my stomach then he tries to balance himself on my back.”

The change in Max’s behavior made Lisa wonder why. It was highly unusual for him to pay her so much attention. Then it occurred to Lisa to take a test—not for Max but on herself.

Lisa decided to take a pregnancy test, and much to her delight and surprise, the results were positive. Lisa was pregnant and, somehow, Max knew.

From then on, Max has always been near her wherever she’s gone in the house. Every night, he cuddles with her and not her husband.

“He rubs on my legs now, he screams for me if he doesn’t know where I went,” Lisa said. “I have to yell, ‘Mommy’s downstairs, Max,’ and then he chirps and runs down the stairs for me. He has been Velcro ever since. Now at nighttime I have to make a space for him on the bed near me, he doesn’t bother with my husband anymore.”

His sudden show of affection to her and wanting to be near her could be a protective instinct he is exhibiting, a sixth sense that cats, and perhaps other animals as well, have.

Lisa doesn’t know how long this could last; he could change his mood tomorrow or maybe after the baby is born. For the moment, he’s more interested in Lisa than ever, and she’s happily receiving and reciprocating the love too.

Photo Credit: Reddit | pnda0828.

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