Scan shows dog pregnant with 9 pups—then owners realize there’s a bigger surprise in her belly

Owners of an Irish setter thought it was a job well done after she gave birth to nine puppies. But, out of the blue, the dog popped out another surprise from her belly, and the surprises didn’t stop there. After 10 hard hours, the dog was exhausted, for she had finally finished. Wait till you see this litter.

Natasha White and Alicia Copping from Coventry, West Midlands, are both the proud owners of Romy, a beautiful Irish setter, who was preparing to become a first-time mother in November 2011.

When Romy was four weeks into her pregnancy, Natasha, a qualified vet and dog breeder for Guide Dogs For The Blind Association, did an ultrasound and “thought we saw eight or nine,” White told MailOnline.

The average litter for the Irish setter is nine; hence, White wasn’t surprised at all, until Romy went into labor.

On Nov. 24, 2011, Romy gave birth to nine adorable puppies just as expected. But then, White and Copping were shocked when the dog popped out a 10th puppy.

Romy was exhausted after the 10th puppy so the owners “gave her a walk around the garden.” They “thought that was it”; however, surprisingly, Romy didn’t stop there.

Two hours later, Romy started giving birth to an 11th puppy. And then, the 12th arrived. Then, the 13th.

“We kept thinking ’Crikey, when is she going to stop?” White told The Sun.

Next, the 14th pup came into the world. “We were in shock when she kept going,” White recalled.

Finally, Romy delivered the 15th—the last puppy—which happened to be the biggest, weighing 339 grams (approx. 11.9 ounces).

“It took Romy more effort to get him out than the others,” said White, alluding to the last puppy named “Red Boy.”

Romy gave birth to a whopping litter of 15 healthy puppies—10 girls and 5 boys—weighing between 275 and 339 grams (approx. 10 ounces to 12 ounces), after a 10-hour labor.

“This is her first litter but she’s such a natural. She knows exactly what to do, she’s a fantastic mom,” White said. “It’s a miracle how she managed to get them out.”

White and Copping were shocked, yet excited to welcome all the additional puppies. Following the successful delivery, they were working non-stop to help Romy feed her babies.

“There is a particular greedy one. She wakes up in between feeds screaming for more milk,” shared White.

Although all the puppies have since been sold, and have been placed in homes, White has kept one for herself.

And though Romy’s staggering litter of 15 puppies was an astounding feat, she didn’t manage to beat the world record set in 2004 by Tia, a mastiff dog from Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Tia gave birth to a jaw-dropping 24 puppies!

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Caters TV (Via Littlethings).

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