Neglected poodle tied to fence was left to die. When rescuers reach him, his eyes are ‘empty’

When they found this poodle that had been tied up and left to die, he was just skin and bones. His eyes were dim and glazed over as if he’d lost all hope. His rescuers thought he might not survive, so they gathered round him and said a prayer before rushing him to a vet.

A man was walking his dog on June 21, 2015, when his dog sniffed out the severely neglected white poodle, later named Sam. He was tied to a fence in a deserted area of Miami, Florida.

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The man contacted Florida Yorkie Rescue, and they came to the poodle’s aid. This was one of the worst animal abuse cases they had ever encountered, a rep from Florida Yorkie Rescue told

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“Upon arrival, Sam’s eyes were empty,” Florida Yorkie Rescue wrote on their website. “He had lost all hope that someone would come to help him.”

Weak Sam was just skin and bones. He had infected eyes and was sunburned. Kit DeRoche, president and founder of Florida Yorkie Rescue in Palm City, wondered if he would survive.

“The person who transported him, as well as my husband and I, formed a circle around this dying dog and said a prayer right there by pump number six at the Mobil Gas Station,” DeRoche told The Dodo.

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Sam was rushed to the veterinarian, who found him emaciated and anemic. He had more than 250 ticks, a dire hookworm infestation in his body, and cataracts, which caused blindness. In addition, he also had a tumor near his anus, an enlarged spleen, and a grade 2 heart murmur.

It was unclear who had left Sam to befall such a fate, but apparently, he had been left to die.

On the first night with Sam, DeRoche stayed by the poodle’s side throughout the night. As he could barely lift his head, she carefully hand-fed him.

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A week later, Sam’s enlarged spleen shrank back to normal size, and his blood count was improving.

When Sam first arrived at the rescue center, he was extremely weak and unable to walk, but on June 28, he began walking. “Tears of joy here folks! It feels like a miracle,” wrote Florida Yorkie Rescue.

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After 3 weeks, Sam had gained more than 2 pounds (approx. 900 grams). And on Aug. 3, he had his anal tumor removed, was neutered, and also had a dental visit.

While Sam was on the road to recovery, kindhearted people from across the globe began sending in letters and donations after hearing about Sam’s story.

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After countless trips to the vet, Sam continued doing well for a while. However, in October 2016, Sam was constantly in and out of the hospital due to pancreatitis and a severe case of gastroenteritis.

Sadly, Sam had a tumble and was left paralyzed, and soon after, he passed away on April 26, 2017.

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“We had him in our care for 679 days. We felt blessed every single day to have him,” wrote Florida Yorkie Rescue in a YouTube comment.

We’re saddened to hear about the poodle’s passing. May you rest in peace dear Sam.

©Facebook | Florida Yorkie Rescue
©Facebook | Florida Yorkie Rescue

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