Unlikely friendship: Old donkey and starving wolf put in same cage teach mankind a lesson

This is a story of the donkey and the wolf. As if they were given an opportunity to teach mankind about compassion and love, they set about to help humans understand there is more to life than killing one another.

A wolf had been trapped by locals in Patok, Albania, and was kept in a pen, starving and unhappy. In that same village, an old donkey that was past being useful to his owners was given a death sentence when the villagers decided to feed the live donkey to the hungry wolf.

So they forced him into the wolf’s pen, but what happened next astounded everyone.

The hungry wolf didn’t attack the donkey; instead, the pair formed a friendship, and cuddled up together!

Villagers were astounded that the pair had formed a friendship. How could a starving wolf not eat the donkey?

The story of the unlikely friendship between the two soon spread. Petitions and letters of protest were sent to the Albanian government; there was such a public outcry that the government demanded the donkey be spared and the wolf be freed.

Thankfully, the wolf was released back into the wild while the donkey was put out to pasture, and the wolf could sometimes be seen dropping by to see his friend. Such a wise animal!

From this we can see how little things can make a big difference; signing a petition or writing a letter of protest can make a difference. If others tell you those things are a waste of time and have no impact, tell them the story of the donkey and the wolf.

You just never know whose life you might help save.

Watch the video to see how this friendship changed man’s thinking.

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