When Navy son leaves for boot camp, his adopted cat won’t stop staring at his photo

When a teenager and his mother adopted an adorable black from the shelter, they fell in love with the cat and the feeling was mutual. 

Erin Nimrichter said her son Max and Yuuki would often fall asleep on the couch together, snuggling. “Max has always felt connections to any animals he was around.”

Just six months after adopting Yuuki, though, the young man set out to boot camp to train for his first year in the U.S Navy, where he is currently serving, leaving Yuuki behind with his mother.

Source: ©Facebook | Erin Nimrichter

To Erin’s astonishment, Yuuki not only noticed Max was gone, but it was clear she missed him too.

When Yuuki found a photo of Max one day on a dresser, she said she wouldn’t stop staring at it day after day. “She just sits there, stares and meows and then lays down next to the picture to nap. I know for sure she misses him.”

Erin said after she moved into another house and placed the photo in a new spot in her home, Yuuki found it and continued to staring, meowing, and sleeping beside it.

Eventually, Yuuki did get a chance to reunite with Max when his mother visited him and brought her along.