Woman adopts her dog’s doppelganger after seeing the two dogs bond

Have you ever come face to face with a stranger who looks just like you? Meeting your doppelganger can be a weird or fascinating experience. The same goes for animals too.

In October 2016, a Cairn Terrier mix named Rogue ran into her doppelganger while she was walking with her owner, Bethany Coleman, at the farmers’ market in Boston.

An 8-month-old puppy—also a Cairn Terrier mix—was at an adoption event organized by Last Hope K9 Rescue and “happened to look just like Rogue.”

Rogue fell in love with her doppelganger instantly, and so did Coleman.

“Rogue and I had love at first sight with him,” Coleman told The Dodo.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Coleman said, “He was Rogue’s twin! They also got along and immediately started playing with one another.”

At first, Coleman resisted the idea to get a second dog because besides Rogue, she has two other cats at home.

But seeing how Rogue was smitten with her doppelganger, her heart softened. Coleman knew she had found a dog she would like to rescue.

After filling out the adoption paperwork, Coleman brought the puppy home and named him Beast. Since then, Rogue and Beast have been the best of friends.

Beast and Rogue got along as if they were really twins. The two canines would spend their days snuggling up together, and like most siblings, they would fight over the same toy.

“We’d get Beast and Rogue the same exact toys at first but she would only want whatever Beast had and would always take it from him,” Coleman said.

Despite the sibling rivalry, “at heart, they’re best friends!”

Whenever Coleman took Rogue and Beast out in public, she would be asked “all the time if they’re brother and sister.”

Now Beast has grown to be twice the size of Rogue.

“Beast is the big baby and my cuddlebug who competes with the cats for lap space,” Coleman said.

Coleman and her family of cats and dogs are currently living in Hawaii. Every day, she can’t wait to see Beast and Rogue embark on their next adventure.


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