Listen to two sisters who will take your breath away

Anastasia Petryk (11 years old) loves to sing, travel to different cities and get reactions from her audiences.  Her sister, Victoria Petryk (16 years old) feels the same way. Together, they performed this breathtaking rendition of “Without You” by Peter Ham and Thomas Evans, at the Mikhail Voronin’s Memory Dinner concert in the Palace Ukraine theater in Kiev. That was four years ago and the two have continued their journey in the music world ever since, just as they had planned.

Anastasia and her sister live in the village Nerubayske of the Odessa region. The pair share a passion for music and dance. Anastasia’s first performance was when she was just six years old. This video is of her and her sister, but this was Anastasia’s first time performing for a crowd of such magnitude. In 2009, Anastasia began competing in several singing contests. She took second place at a festival, “The Black Sea Games” in the vicinity of Kherson, and first place at the contest “Moloda Halychyna” in the city of Novoyavorovsk of the Lviv region.

One year later, together with her sister Victoria, they competed in the contest “New Wave Junior 2010” in Artek, and they have continued to expand the reach of their fame and talents well beyond their home. Anastasia’s dream came true when she took part in Ukrainian selection for “Junior Eurovision” and the final concert in Artek, which she won. She then won the international contest of the “Junior Eurovision 2012” in Amsterdam.

Victoria Petryk and her younger sister have received much support from their mom and dad. They took Victoria to the Vorontsov Palace of children and youth creativity where she was a part of the group, “Multyashki” (Cartoon. It was there she said that she learned to sing, dance and act and she continues to this day to follow her passion and inspire young girls around the world to follow their own dreams too. You go girls.