From Endless Suffering to a Happy and Healthy Life—This is How I Recovered from a Dozen Illnesses in a Few Months

This is the true story of a woman whose life was plagued with a dozen crippling illnesses for many years. In her endless suffering, she felt like a burden to her husband and young son, and eventually contemplated suicide. How she recovered from these illnesses over a short period of a few months is considered a medical miracle. This is how she did it.

Looking at this picture of me, with such a big smile on my face, it’s hard to believe there was a day I had so many diseases that I could only lie helplessly in bed, unable to take care of myself.

My name is Alice Liu, a happy mother of three kids. Currently, I am preparing to help set up a language and talent school in Vancouver. Despite my busy schedule every day, I also serve as the leader of a traditional Chinese drum team and often travel to different cities to participate in all kinds of parades and events.

I am sharing my story here in the hopes that it can inspire others who are suffering from serious illnesses, and maybe help them find a way out.

A Youth Lost to Pain and Disease

I used to be a track and field athlete when I was young and was also very fond of studying. However, everything seemed to change as I grew older. My life especially took a turn for the worse in senior high school, when I experienced a huge amount of pressure preparing for entrance exams for higher education.

I started to get sick easily and began suffering from many illnesses. Over the years, these included heart problems, severe stomach aches, and trigeminal neuralgia, to name a few. With trigeminal neuralgia, even a light touch on my face gave me searing pain, as if I had just had an electric shock.

In my last year in high school, even though I passed the university entrance exam, I was unable to go to university because of my poor health, which made me very depressed. Still, I was not deterred. I continued teaching myself at home and passed several more entrance exams to other universities. However, I still could not attend because of my health problems. In the end, I was forced to give up.

Later, I went to work in a factory in Xianyang City in China and then got married. But my health never improved. On the contrary, I developed more illnesses, including cervical erosion, mastitis, migraines, and severe depression. What’s worse, these illnesses formed a vicious cycle every month. A few days before my period, I would catch a cold and have pain in my stomach. The pain then led to trigeminal neuralgia and heart problems. It became part of my normal life to be hospitalized for a few days every month. Doctors knew me well since I was such a frequent visitor.

The worst part was that it seemed to always be getting worse. After a series of tests, I was informed that my condition had become very serious, with a high probability that I could also have cervical cancer.

Now, barely in my 30s, I felt like an old woman, with a broken body and endless health troubles. The loss of my health and vitality also made me feel a loss of identity and my womanhood.

When I saw girls my age doing normal things like going shopping or having a night out, I was full of sadness and jealousy because I just could not do those things. I could not go out in the evenings or even to a movie since an unexpected coma could occur at any time.

I was driven crazy. All I could do was to stay home and be prepared for pain and suffering. “Home” was not a symbol of happiness for me anymore but a prison cell. I watched the birds outside my window and envied their freedom. My youth was being lost to pain and illness. Sometimes, I even contemplated suicide.

Toward a Turning Point

By then, my husband was working in a city far away and I was left to take care of myself at home. After our son Nan was born in 1989, my health deteriorated and this made my little boy gradually become very independent from a young age. He had to cook instant noodles for himself when he was only four or five years old and often had to take care of me.

I remember one day I had a very bad stomach ache and could not get out of bed. In a very weak voice, I asked Nan to bring me some warm water and medicine. Nan tried so hard to climb up a stool but still could not reach the thermos bottle that I had placed on a high shelf. He turned around in tears and frustration, saying, “Mom, I cannot fetch it.” I told him to get help from the neighbors, but he came back very disappointed, telling me that “Mom, nobody is in.” My heart broke to see the hardship and sadness he had to endure; he was so young, yet already burdened by life.

In my thirties, I was unable to work any longer and had to stay at home, living on a meager pension of a couple of hundred dollars per month. The days seemed to drag on endlessly; each day felt like a year. I lost hope for the future and became more and more depressed.

At this very low point in my life, people around me were sympathetic and suggested that I do some qigong exercises, and a friend of my husband told me about an exercise and meditation practice called Falun Gong. However, I did not take it seriously. Being deeply influenced by the atheism promoted in communist China, I thought qigong and spirituality were all just superstition.

In 1996, to make things worse, I developed breast neoplasms and it rapidly became more serious. The doctor at the Shanxi Cancer Hospital said it would eventually develop into cancer and suggested that I undergo a bilateral mastectomy. As a young woman, I could not imagine losing my breasts. It was in despair that I decided to give qigong a try. I went back to my husband’s friend and asked him to teach me Falun Gong. This would be a turning point in my life.

A Medical Miracle

After I began to practice Falun Gong, I experienced quick and obvious changes in my health. I found pain relief in only a couple of months and the hard lumps in my breasts became soft within half a year. Soon, the lumps shrank smaller and smaller and finally disappeared. All of my other suffering vanished as well.

I went back to the hospital and asked the doctor to do an examination to see if I was indeed cured. Looking at the test results, his face took on a perplexed expression. “It’s impossible,” he said. “In the entire world there has never been a reported cure for this disease. Please tell me which doctor you went to see. I would like to meet him.”

I told him I did not go to any other doctors and that the change came from a traditional cultivation practice for the mind and body that I had begun to follow. His expression changed and he became a bit excited. He said: “That I believe. I know some relatives whose illnesses disappeared after they started practicing qigong exercises. Can you please tell me the name of the exercise?”

Alice Liu with her daughter in Vancouver | Courtesy Alice Liu

After learning it was Falun Gong, my doctor said he would give it a try. He also asked me to go back to the hospital for follow-up examinations after three months, six months, and nine months. I did as he instructed. After the third examination, he told me happily that everything went well and there was no need to worry about the diseases coming back. As a matter of fact, a few doctors and nurses from the hospital even started to learn Falun Gong after hearing of my incredible recovery.

My family moved to Singapore in 1999. As I had fully recovered from all of my illnesses and was healthy again, I was able to give birth to a second son and then a daughter. We moved to Canada in 2008 and have been living a happy life here ever since.

Alice Liu with her son in Vancouver | Courtesy Alice Liu

After I began practicing Falun Gong, for the first time in my life I came to know what it is like to live a healthy life free of anxiety and illness, and to feel full of energy and joy. There are so many benefits that I have obtained, I could go on for days. Besides the physical benefits, I have also been profoundly inspired by reading the book Zhuan Falun and following the principles of truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance taught in the book. Through my cultivation of Falun Gong, my character has improved and I have become a calm and more compassionate person. I have stopped complaining about life’s difficulties and now think of others and of how to help others instead.

Alice Liu performs with a traditional Chinese drumming team in Vancouver | Courtesy Alice Liu

Alice can be reached for questions or comments at +1(778-883-4550).