3-year-old follows mom to car. Then she hears him say ‘help,’ & run to neighbor’s yard

Meet this little hero, a bubbly, inquisitive 3-year-old from Virginia. Earlier this year, his rescue story not only brought him fame in his hometown, but he’s now an internet sensation as well.

It was a normal day and Jaxon Lopez was at his grandma’s house. His mother, Kelsea Spouse, came to pick him up but returned to her car as she needed to get something. Meanwhile, Jaxon, being the inquisitive guy that he is, roamed around the garden, and then his mother suddenly heard him say “help.”


Jaxon was trying to imitate a sound of something that he had heard. He actually heard a call for help, and he was trying his best to echo it, while running toward the neighbor’s yard.

When Kelsea saw her 3-year-old son running towards the neighbor’s house, she sensed something was off. However, little did she know that her tiny tot was already on a rescue mission and was running hard to reach the person calling out for help.

His mom soon followed up behind him into the neighbor’s yard, and she now could hear someone crying out for help.

The cry soon took them to the neighbor’s garage, where they discovered the lady lying on the ground, bleeding. She hadn’t been feeling too well that day and had collapsed, hitting her head on the ground in the process, reported WTKR 3.

Kelsea told Jaxon to get back to his grandma’s, Danette Lopez, house and ask her to call 911.

“He said ‘Ganny [sic] neighbor help,’ and I thought, what is he talking about?” his grandma told WTKR 3.

“He grabs my wrist and he’s pulling me to the door, I’m thinking he’s playing because nothing like that had ever happened.”

According to WTKR, the ambulance soon arrived and transported the neighbor to the hospital. Thankfully, the neighbor had a speedy recovery and has ever since been calling Jaxon her little hero.

“She’s saying that’s her hero, and she couldn’t have made it without him,” said Danette.

Had Jaxon not alerted his mom, the outcome might have been much different. After his heroic deed, this little 3-year-old’s mom took him to get some toys as a reward, but instead he chose to get some flowers for the injured neighbor. Now, that’s compassion and inborn goodness, isn’t it?!

“I just want him to know what he did was great and I want to keep instilling that, those are the things we should be teaching our kids,” his mom said.

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: Video Screenshot | NEWS 3.

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