Baseball superstar Tim Tebow’s CURE Hospital transforms the life of a boy with deformed legs

American pro baseball player Tim Tebow believes “True success is not measured in physical possessions, but in the amount of lives that you change.” Keeping these words in mind, he established Tebow CURE Hospital, which has helped change the lives of many poor Filipino kids—including one unfortunate boy whose legs bent forward like a flamingo.

Tebow had spent his early years watching his parents serve as missionaries in the Philippines. At age 15, Tebow met a Filipino boy, Sherwin, who was born with his “feet on backwards.”

It was Sherwin who ignited his passion for helping others.

Thus, in 2010, the charitable baseballer initiated the Tim Tebow Foundation to “bring faith, hope and love” to the needy.

In 2014, the Tim Tebow Foundation partnered with CURE International to establish the Tebow CURE Hospital in Davao City.

To date, the hospital has performed over 2,139 life-changing surgeries for poor Filipino kids.

One patient was a boy named Aldrin, who had a very similar deformity to Sherwin.

Aldrin was born with congenital knee dislocation, causing his legs to bend the wrong way “like a flamingo,” as described by Dr. Tim Mead, one of the lead surgeons at the hospital, on

His severe leg deformity brought him excruciating pain. He was not able to stand for long and had trouble walking long distances. Worse still, he was made fun of by bullies at school.

Thankfully, through the Tebow CURE Hospital, Aldrin recently underwent a life-changing 4-hour corrective surgery to straighten his legs.

By the grace of God, the operation was a success.

Dr. Mead wrote that Aldrin will be “able to walk tall” following intensive rehab exercises.

“If I could be a superhero, I’d like to be Superman because he can fly!” said Aldrin.

With a brave attitude just like Superman, Aldrin should recover in no time.

Tebow is proud that not only has Aldrin’s life been positively impacted by the hospital, but so many more needy kids are benefiting too. “Every day, lives are being forever changed at the Tebow CURE Hospital and I’m so thankful for that.”

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