Cute but ‘crazy’ kitten wouldn’t stop whining, then this 10-year-old intervened

This little kitten may be whiny, but she sure is a cutie. Luckily, 10-year-old Zack, who’s holding her, was put on her path. He was the only one who could calm the tiny kitty, putting an end to her incessant crying.

Zack’s sister, Kelli Gross, is an avid cat lover who has rescued 111 kittens to date, per a statement on her Instagram page. In all her years of experience, she had never come across a kitten like this one, named Ariel.

Kelli got word from the shelter of a rescue kitten and took Zack with her to pick the kitty up. When they got to the shelter, staff informed them of a slight issue.

“She was going crazy and wouldn’t settle down, but when Zack picked her up, everything changed,” Kelli said, as reported by Pawpulous.

The boy’s gentle manner and soothing tone of voice calmed Arial down; she stopped meowing immediately.

Zack wrapped Ariel in a blanket and kept her warm and safe on his cozy lap. All the way home, Ariel was calm and didn’t meow once during the 30-minute drive.

The 10-year-old has a way with cats, and cats feel most at ease with him.

The young boy makes it his responsibility that all of the kittens under the same roof as he are content every day. He greets them in the morning and kisses them at night.

“He misses them when he’s away and they’re the first thing he says ‘Hi’ to when he gets home from anywhere,” says Kelli.

For him, loving and caring about their welfare is the most natural thing in the world.

Isn’t it just wonderful that there are kids like Zack in the world who are proactively lending a helping hand when it comes to rescuing and caring for animals?

Watch the video below:


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