Dad sees son slamming bedroom door—what he does next will ensure this never happens again

There are many ways for parents to discipline their children. Sometimes having a good talk with them can resolve their bad behavior, but what should they do when a simple chat doesn’t work? For one dad, he used a method that some might label as “extreme” but it worked for sure.

In August 2016, a photo emerged on Reddit showing a teenager standing in front of his door. Nothing seems to be out of place in the photo, but a closer look shows that there is something “wrong” with his door.

©Reddit | DutchBandit

The Reddit user, DutchBandit, who uploaded the photo explained in the post that his brother got this door as a punishment from their father. But what was the punishment?

©Reddit | DutchBandit

Actually, the thoughtful father had turned his room’s door to a Dutch door (or stable door) by sawing away the upper half of the door; he even removed the upper hinges. The Reddit user noted that his brother had received this punishment because of door slamming.

We don’t know the exact story behind this photo; however, it seems like all other parents, the father might have tried talking to his son over this issue repeatedly, but just like any other teenager, the boy might have ignored what his dad was trying to tell him. Thus, the dad was left with this step as the last resort to stop his son from slamming doors again and at the same time help him learn a good lesson.

©Getty Images | Jill Ferry Photography

The teenager’s face had mixed reactions, showing the child’s anger and remorse over his actions since he could no longer enjoy any privacy in his room.

When this photo was posted on the Facebook page of Love What Matters, many social media users recalled and described similar punishments they received and how they are thankful to their parents for the right parenting.

One wrote, “My parents removed the entire door. Then gave it back to me for Christmas. Bow and all. Lesson learned.”

“My parents took the hinges out but left the door so I had to physically pick it up and set it in place if I wanted it closed!” another added.

A woman also wrote how her parents took away her door “plenty of times” when she was a teenager and had the habit of slamming doors. As a parent now, she used a similar method on her boys so that they would not be “sloppy worthless deadbeats that mooch off society.”

“We actually just cut our wifi a few weeks back and unhooked the xbox. I have great kids to be honest, but at times they take today’s luxuries for granted,” the woman wrote.

What do you think about this way to discipline children? Do leave your comments.

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