Dad suspicious to see huge gift box—but when he finally dares to open it, he’s utterly shocked

Gifts are one way we show our loved ones we care about them, and the fun is doubled if it is a surprise gift. But what happened with this loving dad is rather special—the look on his face said it all!

Terra Casey from Vancouver, British Columbia, didn’t get a chance to celebrate Christmas with her dad for 25 years. So, on the Christmas night of 2014, Terra decided on something wonderful to surprise her dad. She wrapped a beautiful Christmas present for her dad that he would never forget.

“We’ve seen each other several times in the past decade, but living on opposite sides of the country from each other, I haven’t been able to spend Christmas with him since I was four years old,” Terra mentioned in the description of the video she had uploaded on YouTube.

Terra’s father wasn’t expecting to see her at all, but he clearly sensed something “strange” seeing the huge box neatly wrapped in front of him.

Terra decided to fit herself into a big box and wrapped herself up as a present. Like all the others, she got herself all dressed up and ready for the family party. But right at the last moment before she got into the house, she jumped into the box.

As the family all gathered together for the Christmas party, Terra’s uncle did his best to convince her dad to open up the gift. “My uncle is a two-time cancer survivor and during his second fight for his life, a few years ago, he lost a great deal of his voice due to the radiation . . . very special that he was able to be part of this moment.”

Terra wrote, “He thought I was back in my city on Christmas Eve. I texted him a picture of ‘the view’ from my apartment that day (it was outdated…luckily he didn’t notice the snow missing from the mountains in the distance.”

Well, finally her father slowly began to open up his surprise. He had no idea what was going to pop out. But when one of the flaps moved, he couldn’t help but scream, “Ahh!”

“Nobody’s in it,” quickly said a family member in the video.

The dad carefully and suspiciously tore away the gift wrap and flipped it open, and to his utter surprise, his beautiful daughter Terra jumped out from the box. She hugged her father, who was staring at her shocked. “Oh my God…,” was all he could say.

The two lovingly embraced each other while the rest of the family laughed, clapped, and shouted with joy. He was simply too overwhelmed to see his daughter.

“How long you had been in that box,” he asked while embracing his beloved daughter.

“For those of you wondering, I was in the box for what seemed like eternity, but was really about twenty minutes. My uncle, being the sweet man that he is, was very concerned I wouldn’t have enough air in there. so kept slightly lifting the back of the box with his toe to let air in while we were waiting for my Dad to arrive,” Terra wrote.

Watch this lovely video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Terra Casey.

This Christmas present is the best one ever for these kids, one they’ll never forget