Homeless lady’s begging for scraps ignored—Young woman stepped in, ‘Don’t be so easy to judge’

When you see a homeless person in dire straits in your daily life, do you help them out? This young woman decided to help a homeless lady when everyone else ignored her.

Carmen Mendez from California was out on a late-night dinner date with her boyfriend at a fast food restaurant in November 2015 when she saw a homeless lady walk into the restaurant, asking people if they could give her their leftover food. Mendez later took to Facebook to share the experience.

“Not one person said yes, they all ignored her and threw it away it broke my heart,” she wrote. “I have been volunteering with the homeless now for many years.”

Speaking of her experience volunteering, she said, “They don’t repulse me or make me sick to my stomach. I hold them all with so much love.”

©Facebook | Carmen Mendez

She decided that she would help the woman out by giving her any leftovers when they were done if the younger lady saw her again. When Mendez couldn’t find the lady and started to throw the leftovers away, the young lady heard a voice behind her. It was the woman. Mendez gave her what she hadn’t eaten.

As the younger woman watched her eat, she felt something was amiss. “I felt like a horrible human being feeding her my leftover chicken strip,” she said.

Mendez decided to buy her a whole meal, and as she waited to buy a hot meal, she asked the employee not to kick the woman out. As she waited, she noticed the reactions on people’s faces.

She said, “I could already see the disgust on people’s faces as she sat at the table eating the leftovers I had given her.”

©Facebook | Carmen Mendez

When Mendez surprised the woman with the meal, “the look on her face said it all.” Mendez saw “pure, real gratitude.”

“That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt,” she said, adding, “those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart.”

The younger woman held the elder. “That is a moment I will never ever forget.”

“Next time u judge a homeless person think twice … not all of them are homeless because of a drug addiction or because they are lazy.”